EDWIN x Toshifumi Kiuchi

19 Mar 2021 / Toshifumi Kiuchi

EDWIN x Toshifumi Kiuchi

EDWIN EUROPEは、2004年よりエドウインの展開を開始。高いブランディングでヨーロッパにおいて展開しており、
RESPECT & DISRUPT(尊敬と破壊)をコンセプトに、日本エドウインの歴史やモノ作りのノウハウ、ヨーロッパファッションの

本コレクションの為に、日本で撮影されたVisual / Movieも是非、ご覧ください。

EDWIN x Toshifumi Kiuchi

For Spring/Summer 2021, EDWIN welcome Japanese graphic designer, Toshifumi Kiuchi to the fold with a selection of oversized Tees that combine sophisticated typography, exotic culture and retro-future visuals. A key member of the SLEEPINGTOKYO creators and independent since 2013, his love of design and culture started at an early age enabling him to work without boundaries across a wide variety of media spanning from major corporations to underground club flyers.

When he’s not busy in his studio, he spends his spare time zine-making and curating art exhibitions at this gallery/gift shop, LAIDBUG in Hatsudai, Shibuya, Tokyo.

Shinjuku Savage, Tokyo Sabotage and Terrible Sight Tees featuring his artwork can now be found in limited numbers at EDWIN Stores, selected European stockists and online.

Art Direction / Toshifumi Kiuchi @9chan_kiuchi
Photographer / Yutaro Tagawa(cekai) @tgwman
Videographer / Korogi Takeshi @nazanazanazanaza
Model / Fumi,Akira